Giuseppe Totino’s Facilitation Services

You have a great opportunity to work with Giuseppe Totino, professional Coach and Trainer, member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), to facilitate teams or groups you work with.

Why facilitation?

Facilitation is a profession rapidly taking its unique place alongside those of consulting, coaching, and training. The IAF was set-up to promote, support and advance the art and practice of professional facilitation.

Facilitation, literally means “make things easier”. It is a way to encourage participation, a sense of ownership and creativity. It’s an art to lead people to achieve a common goal through a process. The focus of facilitation is process (how to do something) not the content (what to do). Facilitation is related to “progress”, by taking things from point A to point B. The facilitator guides a group to a destination. Facilitation allows an easier way for the people to reach where they agree to go to. During this process, the facilitator’s helps reveal a decision which can be accepted by all the members of the group.

Our Facilitation Services

Our facilitation services are conducted in alignment with our vision and in support of our mission. The way we facilitate is strongly grounded in the IAF core competencies required to facilitate group interaction, and we strictly abide by the IAF Statement of Values and Code of Ethics. We strongly value trust and confidentiality!

Learn more about Giuseppe Totino’s Facilitation Services for Groups and Teams, how we facilitate, and why to choose to work with a Professional Facilitator!

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